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A short summary:

New Split-12" coming up with Hedonist (Serpencult, Sardonis, Killbots members)
Release show/date 4th of october! Recorded once again with Epic Productions!
Watch Bart rippin' it: VIDEO

Broken noses and bruised bodies! R.A.M.P.J.A.M. total mayhem!
All hail Knockout, Billenkletser, Toxic Shock, Cheap Drugs, ...

a video snippet HERE

The very first Antwerp Metal Fest was totally insane. Thx for supporting our sweaty asses... Here's to the birth of a new badass festival!
Some reviews HERE and HERE

Another epic festival this saturday at scheld'apen Antwerp!

More shows over here!

And last but not least, we welcome the second highness-prince.Brewed and bottled by our singer King Benny en his lovely girlfriend.